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AndMe Wins A Second Life New Business Plan Scores 5. I've been interested in what 23and Me is doing ever since I heard they were planning to develop drugs based on genetic information. Oct 14, 2015. This morning, 23andMe, the Silicon Valley maker of over-the-counter genetic tests, is announcing that it is raising 5 million from investors.

I tried the new 23andMe genetic test - Business Insider But I was also curious to see what kind of diseases I mht be at risk of passing down to my kids and whether the health concerns that run in my family could be spotted in my spit. Lydia Ramsey/Business Insider. Had I been a carrier of one of the mostly rare diseases in 23andMe's reports and was interested in having children.

Genes, patents, and b business at 23andMe, are you the customer. It's been a rough year or so for the personal genetics startup 23andme. Genes, patents, and b business at 23andMe, are you the customer or the product? they plan to make money," Laura Hercher, a faculty member at the Joan.

23andme business plan:

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